Selena: The Series Writers Are Also Breaking Barriers

After just a couple days short of a week since Selena: The Series was released on Netflix, the cast of the series has taken over everyone’s Netflix’s dream lists. After most of us binge-watched the show over the first weekend as it became the number one show in America, we got curious to see who else is behind the hit show, and what Latinx writers and directors are working on season two already. 

Texas’ own Raymond Arturo Perez, a Latinx writer who came to LA seven years ago to pursue his dreams, just became one of the writers of Season 2 of Netflix’s Selena: The Series. This writing gig is not just a normal job for Perez, this story of a Latino family that came out of Texas, struggled to make ends meet, and finally madee musical dreams happen became an American Story and he’s proud to be part of the team that’s bringing it out to the world once again.

Selena the series writers
Photo via: Raymond Arturo Perez Instagram

“Selena is just part of the culture and you can be of any race or ethnicity,” Perez told ABC’s local station KSAT. 

As Latinx writers, producers, actors, and overall talent still strive to have a bigger spot in Hollywood productions, this one is a step up for Perez. “We were all fans of Selena coming in, but then we also have just a breadth of experiences culturally, our upbringings, our socioeconomic class,” he said.

When Raymond is not writing at his kitchen table, “soy el perreo: salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia y Brazilian funk. he/him,” he describes in his Intagram Bio.

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