‘Work It’ Will Definitely Make You Dance

If your admission to the college of your dreams depended on a performance at a dance competition, what would you do?

Well, it depends on the type of person you are; if you were genetically gifted with rhythm and coordination, you probably wouldn’t have to do much, except train. But if you were a nerd who couldn’t do the “un, dos, tres, chá-chá-chá” without stumbling onto someone else’s foot, it would absolutely be a much bigger challenge.

Quinn Ackermann (Sabrina Carpenter) belongs to the second group, but going to Duke has been her dream since she was a toddler. So when challenged by Duke admissions officer Veronica Ramirez and choreographer Jake Taylor, Quinn plunges herself into a brand new extracurricular – dance! Without the security blanket of study aids, Quinn learns how to dance and finds that she’s actually pretty good at it. With the help of her bestie Jasmine (Liza Koshy) they recruit very talented misfits and form not just a dance team, but a family.

Like every dance movie, it’s a feel good movie and mostly all feel good movies are full of romance. In this case, the love interest of Quinn is Jake Taylor (Jordan Fisher) a top choreographer whose career seemed to end when he injured his knee. However, love, as usual, helps to heal both his physical and emotional wound.

Overall, Work It is a fun, energetic movie that will get you dancing in your living room – something we need in the middle of this pandemic more than ever. So make sure it’s on your must watch list!



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