johnniqua charles
johnniqua charles

Woman’s Arrest Turned into Viral Protest Anthem

It all began when Johnniqua Charles was briefly detained in South Carolina.Β  Johnniqua kept her cool, because after all, she had done nothing wrong. In a video of the incident, she warned the security guard he was in the wrong with an impromptu bop that would soon be sang across the country.

“You about to lose your job” proceeded to spread rapidly across social media. Not much later, like all things that go viral on the internet, it got remixed by DJ Suede the Remix God and DJ iMarkkeyz, which amplified its popularity tenfold.

The song and video had all the makings of a hit with a righteous but catchy message, and Elmo dancing next to convicted police officers. Now the song has made its way to the frontlines of the movement, turning the Los Angeles protest featured below into a party.

While the anthem started to gain traction, Johnniqua continued to face personal troubles. A gofundme page was created by Johnniqua’s sister who stated that the viral star was “currently homeless and battling with an addiction.” As of making this article, the Charles family has raised $50,766 of their $40,000 goal.

As nationwide protests against police brutality continue, it’s nice to see stories like Charles’ that are positively impacted by the cause.

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