Wilmer Valderrama image
Wilmer Valderrama image

Wilmer Valderrama Supports National Kidney Foundation

The National Kidney Foundation has partnered up with the actor and activist Wilmer Valderrama to bring some awareness to this essential organ. And here’s some great newsy: you can check the health of your kidneys by taking a simple quiz in just one minute!

33% of Americans are bound to suffer some sort of kidney disease, and most of them don’t know simply because the kidneys don’t send you cues about when they need a little attention and love, unlike some of your other organs. By the time you actually develop the symptoms, it means your kidneys had enough of whatever you are eating (or drinking) and need medical attention ASAP. And in a country where healthcare can be quite costly, you probably don’t want to wait until then…so do yourself a favor and take the quiz! If I can’t convince you, maybe the charming smile of Wilmer Valderrama will.

The actor is a passionate advocate for the cause, since his dad is one of the people who could be affected. Latinos are unfortunately likely candidates to fall in that 33% since many of us won’t go to the doctor unless something is already wrong – but it’s certainly “Mejor prevenir que curar” in this case, so make sure you dedicate at least one minute to check the health of your kidneys today!



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