Why “Diary of a Future President” is such a cool show

Raise your hand if are you tired of Latinx being portrayed always as undocumented, maids or narcos; ok, I can’t see you and you can’t see me, but I assure you my hand is up and I hope yours is too!

That’s why I enjoyed so much watching the “Diary of a Future President”, an American comedy series created for Ilana Pena for Disney+ and it’s the first series that showcases a little latina girl (Tess Romero) who becomes the first Latina President (Gina Rodriguez).

The show tackles issues as going from a girl to a teenager (sounds easy, uh? Well, if you are a woman, you know it’s not), losing your dad (certainly worse) and now accepting that your mom is dating again, and your older brother being…a typical teenager, in other words, a pain to deal with. But all of that is done in a beautiful and funny way. This is not a drama, people, it’s life. And the best thing about the show is that is trying to teach you something without being preachy nor leaning on the typical stereotypes of Latinx people. The Romero family happened to be Latin but they could have been from anywhere else and would have still made sense. Because all the important things in life; love, family, loss, friendship…are, in essence, universal.

Thank you Gina for making this happen and you guys make sure to watch it!


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