earth and moon
earth and moon

Why Are We Trying To Mine The Moon?

Last week, the President signed an executive order that gives America the rights not only to explore, but also to use any materials available to them in space. The order also states that the USA does not perceive space as a so-called “common area,” and that they do not need any international permission to put this agreement into effect.

You may be wondering – why are we trying to mine in space in the first place? And the answer is more clear than you’d think. According to author and space journalist Sarah Cruddas, mining the moon can help humans travel farther into space, using the moon as an intergalactic gas station of sorts – and it can save us from ourselves.

Luckily, the moon has vital resources already on it, like hydrogen and oxygen, that can contribute a great deal to future missions, and act as a pit stop for longer journeys – like the first human voyage to Mars. The need to explore deeper is more important than ever, as space contains vital elements and resources that could help save our planet from the depletion of our natural resources.

For instance, metals like lithium and cobalt (which are necessary) are usually only found in places like China or Congo, and it can be difficult to obtain them. America will always have a need for these materials, and sourcing them from different parts of the world can become extremely complicated over time; mining on the moon could be a great solution.

Now that there are more private companies like Tesla involved in space travel, there is hope that space mining could become a reality within 10-15 years. What do you think – is this worth it, or a waste of time? Let us know in the comments below.

Perhaps, things aren’t as they seem up in space!



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