Life in Quarantine, Miami’s Rave Scene, Priscilla Vilchis, Masks for the Homeless and Vida

We’ve got a lot packed in this underground and edgy episode. First, we discuss how our lives have changed since self-quarantine. Humberto Guida’s new book “Fever” details the beginnings of Miami’s renowned rave scene. Then we talk to the blazing Latina Cannabis Entrepreneur, Priscilla Vilchis. Big Mike of Humanity Heroes helps pass out facemasks to the homeless, and we interview the actresses of Starz’s Vida. All that and more on The Zoo! S6 E11

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Alberto Zeni on the set of The Zoo

Alberto Zeni on Narcos: Mexico

Alberto Zeni aides DEA agents against the cartels in the hit show Narcos: Mexico. He breaks down the latest season, right here on The Zoo.