baker and the beauty show
baker and the beauty show

Watch New Latinx Show The Baker and The Beauty

If you love Cuban pastelitos, impossible romance, and Latinx shows like Diary of a Future President, then you are going to love The Baker and The Beauty. Set in Miami (but filmed in Puerto Rico!) the show follows the Garcia family – a very united, hard-working family that owns a Cuban pastry shop. They have a pretty normal life, until the eldest son gets accidentally involved with an A-list celebrity…

What I like about this show is that the story is universal. The family happens to be Latinx, but they could have been Korean or Swedish and it would have worked just as well. In fact, this is the remake of an existing show from Israel that features an Orthodox Jewish family instead of Cuban.

The story is probably going to make you laugh, cry…and it will certainly make you hungry. Maybe it’s just because I’m pregnant, but I’ve had cravings for pastelitos for a week straight after seeing this series (good thing Porto’s is doing deliveries…)

Meet the cast below:


Check out the video below to get a sneak peek at The Baker and The Beauty, which premieres tonight at 10pm PST on ABC:

Photo: ABC



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