Meet the Latina Voice Behind Viral Trend “Love it, Couldn’t Wear it”

Venezuelan comedian Lorena Pages has risen to internet celebrity status thanks to her funny videos on TikTok. You may remember the viral audio, “Love it, couldn’t wear it,” that started trending online in December of 2020 after the Italian Greyhound that goes by Tika the Iggy showed us the outfits she couldn’t wear during the pandemic. 

The audio gained so much momentum that big stars like Sofía Vergara and Jennifer Aniston have replicated the comic sketches on various social media platforms.

Photo Credit: Tika the Iggy / Instagram

Lorena’s dream has always been to make everyone smile, especially during hard times. Ever since she was a little girl, she told her parents she was meant to be a comedian. 

Life didn’t go as planned for her as she went on to get a degree to help her start another career; however, social media turned her life around for the better.

love it, couldnt wear it, tika the iggy, lorena pages
Photo Credit: Lorena Pages/ Instagram

She started making videos about a year ago without knowing how far they would take her. “It was unexpected. I’ve been making people laugh forever since I grew up in a house where we made everything a joke as a way of loading off stress,” she told Univision. 

Her life has never been the same since. She’s been grateful for everyone’s support and wishes to make the world a kinder place. Lorena is a true example that perseverance, hard work and believing in yourself can definitely take you places!



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