Haunted drive thru virtual halloween party
Haunted drive thru virtual halloween party

Virtual Halloween Games or Haunted Car Wash? This is 2020

If you want to get in the spooky mood this year a drive thru haunted house, haunted car wash, or even virtual Halloween activities such as a virtual Halloween costume contest, virtual Halloween scavenger hunt, or anything on Zoom can help you make the most out of your virtual Halloween activity.

If you’re looking for something chill you can do leading up to Halloween with friends and family think about virtual Halloween games. One of our favorites is “get your sheet together” where you try to see how fast you and your Zoom friends can grab a sheet and turn into a ghost! Of course, we Latinos love to add a little sabor to our games that’s why you can fire up a classic game such as Loteria virtually! We found a Virtual Loteria experience though the Latino Arts inc. website… and it’s actually super fun. Just follow the instructions.

Haunted Drive thru image

If you’re wanting to get out of the house for a fun experience and don’t have a haunted house to go to. Try visiting a haunted drive thru or a haunted car wash. It’s better than walking through a haunted house because there’s the real fear that you could crash and spend a billion dollars! Tickets cost $65 per vehicle and guests must book reservations beforehand. For more information, visit FrightFarms.com.

For the actual night of Halloween, we need to kick things up a notch. The last time I went to a Halloween party it was at an abandoned mansion in the Adams district of LA. I arrived dressed as a sexy pirate and I left wearing someone else’s dinosaur costume. Long story short, someone got some booty. Granted, it’s hard getting to that level of lit on zoom… but it’s not impossible. Step number one, have the right crew with you to party, and step number 2… dim the lights. No one parties with normal light. Now fire up a full-blown experience.

Haunted margarita
ALexa Payesko

For example, you can enter or put on a virtual costume contest, don’t let your outfit limit the scope of your imagination, turn your whole video into a spooky experience. Download Snap Camera to give you some extra filters to add to the virtual ambiance. This way, you’re not just creating a costume, you’re serving a whole cinematic experience. And while you’re at it have a competition for most festive Halloween Drinks! Dive through the web to find a recipe for killer Halloween Cocktails, my personal favorite is the Black Magic margaritas. They’re creepy but cute creepy.

Now that you have tips for your virtual Halloween party get to it, and if you have nobody to party with hit us up on Instagram @latvnetwork and we’ll join you and be embarrassingly lit so you don’t feel bad about letting it all go. Remember, this Halloween it’s a full moon and Mercury is in retrograde so you can’t bel blamed for a single thing that goes wrong. Happy Halloween!



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