Hand Washing Lyrics Generator Designed by Teen

People are using songs to help them make sure they’ve washed their hands long enough. Memes are going viral with song lyrics meant to help people count out the recommended 20 seconds for thorough hand washing. We’ve even seen Selena’s hits make it into the meme world!

Thanks to, William Gibson a 17 year old student from Northamptonshire, UK, you can create your own custom meme to whatever song you wish thanks to an app he created. Just visit his site www.washyourlyrics.com where you can create your own meme by typing in the name of and artist and the song you want from them. Business Insider was first to cover the teens fun new app.

“I saw that meme and I wanted to make a version for every song I listen to, so I made a web app to do it for me…It was really fun and I launched it and it kind of went viral.” – William Gibson

Source: Business Insider

We’re curious to see what you can come up with so share it with us by tagging @LATVNetwork and we’ll be sharing our favorites!

Current frontrunner is 9gag who summons Pokemon’s Team Rocket to help wash their hands.

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