Victoria's Secret Cancelled
Victoria's Secret Cancelled

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Cancelled Indefinitely!

WWD’s instagram has announced that official there will be no Victoria’s Secret Fashion show this season! Originally, 28-year-old Australian model, Shanina Shaik told The Daily Telegraph that the show would probably not happen again, at least in the traditional way.

“We think it’s important to evolve the marketing of Victoria’s Secret” – Stuart B. Burgdoerfer CFO L Brands

No doubt the bigger conversation about women in entertainment played a role in the company rethinking parading women down a runway in their underwear for 2019 or the foreseeable future. Who knows what other spectacle people hardcore fans of the fashion show will have to turn to in the absence of the fashion show, but hopefully they know the internet exists and it’s free!

If fashion shows make you insecure about your body, check out our series ES SOY YO where women share their insecurities and how they’ve drawn power from them.

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