cast of vampires vs the bronx and cast
cast of vampires vs the bronx and cast

Vampires vs. The Bronx on Netflix: Review-ish

Vampires vs. The Bronx featuring Mero, Redd, and Heather Alicia Simms just premiered on Netflix streaming and while the reviews have been mixed, it could be another sleeper hit like Messiah was (Messiah Netflix review). Listen, we’re not here to get all cerebral about movies and at the end of the day this is a fun comedy-horror movie… fueled with today’s hot topics such as gentrification. They really hit it out of the park with the Vampires Vs. The Bronx cast, proving that a diverse approach at Netflix is the way to make a hit. 

Written and directed by Osmay Rodriguez, the movie is full of Bronx flavor. It revolves around a refreshingly multicultural group of friends who are trying to save their local bodega from spooky gentrifiers. The Vampires vs. The Bronx cast includes Sarah Gadon, Chris Redd, The Kid Mero, Shea Whigham, Vladimir Caamaño, Jaden Michael, Gregory Diaz IV, Gerald W. Jones III and Coco Jones, and of course Method Man

I say of course Method Man because you’re begging to get “canceled” if you film in the Bronx without Method Man’s blessing… or is it the other way around? I’m not sure. This movie is definitely worth watching because of the charm that comes with it. The definite scene-stealer is The Kid Mero” who plays Tony, the bodega owner and he’s just one of many adult stars who help shore up this comedy-horror-with-sabor flick with some laughs. Jermie Harris, Chris Redd, and Heather Alicia Simms also have supporting roles as quirky characters throughout the film. The kids are keeping The Bronx safe, while Spiderman Miles Morales ps5 keeps Harlem safe in the new video game.

Why you should stream it. It’s spooky season and this movie is light, fun, and a perfect October way to support diverse filmmakers after a long day of remote sitting in Zoom meetings pretending not to be scrolling through Instagram the entire time.



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