lady holding heart shaped balloon
lady holding heart shaped balloon

Valentine’s Day Self Care: Love Your Flaws.

Let’s face it, whether you’re in a relationship, crushing or dating, Valentine’s Day seems to bring out the worst when it comes to self doubt, insecurity, and yes, even jealousy. This Valentine’s Day take a minute to reflect on yourself, and even examine what you think are your flaws and try to love them.


At LATV we produce a digital series called Esa Soy Yo, where Latinas share how they learned to love their flaws and here’s some important lessons we’ve learned from making it.

“Flaws” are subjective.

Before dwelling on trying to change something about yourself think about it in context objectively. Ask yourself, “If a friend or loved one told me they were insecure about the same thing, how would I react to them?” Obvio, if they’re your friend, you would shame them, you would probably reassure them, you might even point out that you feel the same way and what they see as a flaw you see as a beautiful thing. Now, turn around and apply that same logic to yourself. Turn that empathy and kindness on yourself. Below is how Sand One learned to Love being short!

Getting Over Being Short

The golden rule of self love. “Treat yourself how you treat others”

Sometimes it’s really easy to identify qualities we like in other people, but when it comes to us we can only seem to focus on what we don’t like. That’s why a good exercise is to look at qualities you admire in others, yes even your crush, and see how you might have the same quality. You might be pleasantly surprised by just how awesome you are!

Esa Soy Yo: Your accent is beautiful.

Now, if you’re feeling like you want some revenge, check out this article.

Feeling a bit vengeful this Valentine’s Day? Try this!



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