milennial loteria
milennial loteria

Two Latino Businesses Booming on Amazon

Holiday season is right around the corner and with all the quarantining and social distancing, the way we buy presents has changed as well.

So, here are two products from Latino small businesses that are killing it on Amazon. Please spread the love and support our community by buying from them!

-Millennial Loteria: This fun game based on the most popular game in all of Latin America has a new spin to it, and that’s thanks to the young entrepreneur Mike Alfaro who did a great job with a “makeover of tradition.” Born from the viral Instagram account @MillennialLoteria, this game reimagines La Dama as La Feminist, El Catrín as El Hipster, and Las Jaras as La Hashtag, just to mention a few. Filled with nostalgia and ironic humor, it’s guaranteed to make your next fiesta lit AF. And for this Holiday season, Mike is launching a shiny edition, only on Amazon.

-Café La Llave, a brand from Don Francisco, is a yummy coffee from a Cuban-American with headquarters in LA. I don’t know about you, but I have a soft spot for family businesses – especially one filled with so many unexpected twists. The brand is named after Francisco Gaviña, a 60 year old hard-working Cuban who came to Los Angeles by way of Spain, where he, his wife, and four children lived in exile, to do what he knew best: make coffee. For four years, he worked as a busboy, waiter, and in accounting, all while pursuing his dream of getting back into the family business—coffee. And now, many decades after, he left a legacy for all the coffee lovers out there.

If you want to know about other ideas and Latino businesses on Amazon, check Fiestas Amazon!



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