TV Salaries Revealed! Cardi B Makes $500k Per Episode!

How much do your favorite TV stars make per episode? Vanity Fair just published an article breaking down how much different TV stars make – and some of them are really raking it in. What do you think of how much they make? Here are some of the most shocking ones.

– On the Netflix reality show Rythm & Flow, Cardi B and Chance the Rapper were each payed $500k for their star power.

– Ellen Degeneres made between $20 Million and $25 Million for her stand up specials.

– Netflix stars Diego Tinoco, Sierra Capri and Jessica Maria Garcia made a cool $65k an episode each.

– Sofia Vergara is pulling in $500k an episode for her work on Modern Family.

Apparently, stars are flocking to streaming services for big paychecks, and given the growing demand for VOD, it’s really no surprise. Who do you think deserves to make more (or less) money? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out the original article on Vanity Fair Here 





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