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Trump Threatens Tik Tok Ban if Not Sold in 45 Days

Earlier today, President Trump issued an executive order that would ban popular app Tik Tok from operating in the United States if they are not sold off from their Chinese-owned parent company, ByteDance. Microsoft has been in talks to purchase the app for weeks, and now the pressure is on.

Last Friday, Trump announced he would ban TikTok from the US via Executive Order. Many creators believe the move comes after repeated attempts to delegitimize his presidency and play pranks on him like reserving thousands of tickets to his rallies with no intention of showing up. Trump insists that this is bogus, and that the reason behind his urgency has to do with national security concerns and Chinese data breaches.

Microsoft said over the weekend that the company was moving forward with talks to purchase the app after Trump set a September 15th deadline to find a buyer. As a result of this mayhem, many TikTok creators have begun to panic. Teenagers have been going live on the popular app and sobbing to their followers, begging them to follow them to Instagram or Twitter – a sign of the times. Looks like we’ll have to wait and see…your move Microsoft.

This story is developing – check back for updates.



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