Trump Proposes Injecting People With UV Rays

I wish this headline was a joke – I really do. Thursday, at the coronavirus task force briefing, POTUS went full Doogie Howser on everyone and gave us all a glimpse into his muddled mind.

Bill Bryan, Science Director for the Department of Homeland Security, revealed earlier in the brief that testing has shown UV rays from the sun can reduce the half-life of viral particles. This apparently set off a cataclysmic thought process in Donald’s head, which caused him to say (into a microphone) that because these rays are so effective, we should put UV rays inside a patient’s body to heal the virus.

Unfortunately, this is simply not how science works and omg I cannot believe he said that.

Huge props to Bill Bryan for keeping it together – you’re the real MVP. This sweet man had to deflect reporters logical retorts (on numerous occasions) while at the same time convince Trump that what he said contained some semblance of reality. Somebody get this guy a cocktail to go!



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