Top Box Office Movies of the week

You would think that on this SuperBowl weekend, few people would be going to the movies, right? In the USA probably (even though there is always time for a good movie no matter how amazing is the show JLo and Shakira are putting on), but the rest of the world can’t care less about American Football, which is a good thing for the studio movies who otherwise would freak out about releasing a movie on this past weekend.

This weekend two movies opened, Gretel&Hansen and The Rhytm Section which are on 4th and 10th position respectiveley making $6.1mm the first one and $2.8mm the second one, which is not not bad for Gretel & Hansen since their budget was just $5million but certainly not good for The Rhythm Section which the buddet was $50mm (ouch…).

Let’s see the ranking below:

  • Bad Boys for Life. The Will Smith and Martin Lawrence movie still is on number 1 since the opening weekend on January 17th tripling the original budget. We are very happy about this one since there are two amazing latinas in it, Kate del Castillo and Paola Pena.
  • 1917. Sam Mendes’ masterpiece which has make him win Best Director for few awards in a row: Golden Globes, DGA, BAFTAS…
  • Dolittle: Robert Downey Jr, Antonio Banderas and a bunch of CG animals are on number 3 with a gross of $127 millions but still, haven’t broken even.-
  • Gretel&Hansel (not Hansel & Gretel) this Brothers Grimm adaptation with a very cool twist is doing very well for its low budget. A must watch if you ar einto fantasy-horror-thriller.
  • Jumanji: The Next Level: Is still in the top 5 with a gross of $754mm making Sony and The Rock very happy (and rich).
  • The Gentleman: Guy’s Ritchie action crime movie. Even if you are not into crime movies, you might just want to watch it for the amazing ensemble cast.-
  • Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker: Even thought the movie was initially received with a lot of backlash, is still on the top 10.
  • Little Women: The remake already doble their budget, so another win for Sony.-
  • The Turning: A modern take on Henry James’ novella “The Turn of the Screw”.-
  • The Rhythm Section: A weak start, let’s see how it evolves.

And yours? What was your favorite one? Comment below!


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