hand holding phone with tik tok on it
hand holding phone with tik tok on it

Tik Tok Wants You to See Their Algorithm…All of It

On their company blog, Tik Tok revealed that they are setting up an “Accountability and Transparency Center” where they will let experts take a look at the code driving their algorithm. This is the code that seems to dictate the age and race of the person you’re likely to see stumbling through overly literal choreography. Our team stumbles on a lot of Latin trap videos.

This unprecedented move by a social media giant came as part of a very snarky post aimed at keeping Facebook and Google on their toes.

Just recently congress held an antitrust hearing with the heads of Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Twitter, where they grilled the execs about privacy, monopolies and why emails end up in the spam folder. Tik Tok took the opportunity to swipe at their competition by flaunting their algorithm transparency and positioning themselves as innovators and leaders when it comes to accountability. Seen as the current data-mining, privacy-violating monster, this move is the kind of positive escalation that could lead to further transparency not just on what information of yours these apps sell, but also how their algorithms fill your discovery feed.



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