This Thanksgiving Smaller Turkeys are in Demand

Bigger isn’t always better – and apparently, that sentiment rings true this year with Thanksgiving turkeys. Due to COVID restrictions, many people are downsizing their festivities…and consequently, their turkeys.

Butchers all over California have been seeing a huge demand for “small” turkeys, which means, they won’t be as fresh as other years – because to keep the size of the turkeys smaller…you have to kill them earlier.

“We’re looking to decrease the number of turkeys over 16 pounds and stock 20% more turkeys under 16 pounds this year,” said Stew Leonard Jr., President, and CEO of Stew Leonard’s.

However, the National Turkey Federation (NTF) disagrees; “Some may opt for a slightly smaller turkey or a bone-in turkey breast this year, but we expect there will still be demand for larger whole bird turkeys, too,” said Beth Breeding, vice president of communications & marketing at NTF. “Thanksgiving leftovers are one of the best parts of the meal. We’ve all been cooking a lot more over the past few months, and leftovers to keep or share with others are a valuable commodity.”

And I’m just going it leave it right there since just talking about our Thanksgiving meal and leftovers has made me hungry!



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