Osbelit García with her painting of her grandmothers hands
Osbelit García with her painting of her grandmothers hands

This Mexican Child Prodigy is an Artistic Genius!

In the words of DJ Khaled, here’s “anotha one.” She’s known in her community of Coaquimixco, in the Mexican state of Guerrero, for her hyperrealistic art. Osbelit García basically taught herself how to paint. It started at the age of 8 with doodles on paper in her kitchen. Her hobby then grew to friends asking her to draw things for them during recess, when finally, she realized she loved to create art and would much rather do that than play. Soon, she had notebooks full of wonderful drawings. The young painter was quoted saying, “I noticed that I liked it, and that I’d rather paint than play.”

Osbelit García with her painting of her grandmothers hands
Osbelit García with her painting of her great-grandmother’s hands

In the 5th grade, Osbelit met her teacher, Saúl Meza García, who specializes in Visual Arts. It was then that her talent was able to flourish. “Her progress has been very fast and surprising. When I met her, I noticed that she had the skill, but it wasn’t developed. So, due to her high level and ability, we started working in a different way,” says the García. Her 5 most famous paintings to date are titled, “The Hands of my Great-Grandmother,” “Garlic,” “Butterfly,” “Passion Fruit,” and “Dad in the Field.”

“Dad in the Field” is her favorite because it is a portrait of her father who she says is her biggest supporter. That’s the one painting she’s not willing to sell any time soon…

Her art has moved toward a genre known as “Costumbrismo,” a movement of art that portrays the habits of Mexico and the people of the colonial times. This art usually depicts interpretations of local customs and everyday life.

“I paint because I love it and I want to transmit what we really are. Our culture is in the harvest and craftsmanship,” said Osbelit

It should also be noted that at the age of 14, Osbelit is in her 3rd year of middle school – which is unusual for someone her age. Usually a child of 15 years old is only in their 1st year of middle school in her community. You go girl!


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