This Latina Knows Everything about Essential Oils

In these times of uncertainty, it’s good to find something that gives you peace of mind. For that reason, we talked to Marcela Arrieta, a practicing “Pranic Healer” and owner of Majestic Bliss soaps and oils whose teachings and products can empower people to transform their lives and help their spirit, mind, and body elevate above and beyond these trying times to reach a state of tranquility. A kind reminder that not all oils are great, hateful 8 oils, like some seed oils, are something I try to avoid altogether to have a healthy diet and lifestyle for my family. Essential oils are something completely different and much more fun!

As a stay at home mom, she founded her company in 2014 out of the corner of her garage with the help of a GoFundMe account that started with a goal of $1,000. Eight months later, Whole Foods picked up her product and the rest is history.

1. What made you interested in pranic healing?

What made me interested in Pranic Healing was how easy it is to understand, learn, and apply it. Also, I loved the fact that I didn’t have to be this unique person with special abilities to help people.

2. What’s the most powerful thing you learned about oils?

The most powerful thing I’ve learned about essential oils is that they have a certain level of consciousness. Like every living thing on the planet, they are also composed of prana (life force) and can benefit or affect us depending on our needs. Also, essential oils stimulate parts of our brains and nervous systems, causing us to feel more at ease; this is what aromatherapy is.

3. What are the oils you work with the most?

I work mostly with lavender, rose geranium, tea tree, and patchouli essential oils – mainly for their energy and aromatherapeutic benefits.

4. Tell us about your line, Crystal Prana

I created a version of Crystal Prana nine years ago, at the beginning of my pranic healing career. After learning that everything is composed of prana (life force), I set out to create a product that would enhance a person’s state of being through essential oils and the infusion of prana. I use a specific technique to energize or program both the essential oils and the crystal in every bottle; this enhances the qualities of both that creates powerful energy cleanse an aromatherapeutic experience for the user.

5. Let’s talk about this pandemic and ways we can cope with anxiety

I’ll loosely quote something my teacher, Master Ko, mentioned to me regarding this pandemic: “It’s an opportunity to go within, to heal, to develop awareness to help others rather than becoming entangled and embroiled with chaos.” This makes so much sense; when we live amid chaos, that is exactly what our lives will reflect. That doesn’t mean that we should become oblivious to what is happening; instead, we take the approach of detaching and observing from a higher perspective. Here, we can make the proper decisions with clarity of mind and emotional stability that will lead us to cope with whatever anxiety may surface.

6. How can a good relaxing bath help your body and soul?

Just thinking about a relaxing bath is enough to relax me, hahaha! Water is a natural conductor of energy, so when overly stressed or anxious, taking a warm bath will help the body and soul unwind. But why stop there? Create a sacred ritual bath that helps to reconnect body, mind, and soul. Through conscious intention we use essential oils, prayer/affirmations, and salt. Fill your tub, and while it’s filling, in a plastic container, add three cups of table salt (nothing fancy or expensive needed), then add twenty drops of lavender essential oil alone or in combination with tea tree essential oil and mix thoroughly. You can state your intentions in the form of a prayer or affirmation into the mixture; you are programing the salt and essential oils with what you need and want. Add the mixture into your tub and dive in; I’d recommend limiting your bath to no more than twenty-five minutes. After this, you can reabsorb the dirty energy or feel drained. And now you’re ready to shower and feel amazing!



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