This Haunted House is so Scary you need a doctors note, a 40-page waiver and a safe word.

The scariest haunted house in America is the McKamey Manor. It’s so damn scary no one has completed the entire tour. It’s not for the faint of heart and they want to make sure of that, this is why before you even go into the house you have to watch a 2 hour video, signs a 40 page waiver, pass a physically and come up with a safe or GTFO word for when you inevitable chicken out of the experience.

No one has ever completed a full tour!

The haunted house is known as the most haunted and is run by a dude named Russ McKamey. He’s never been drunk, never drank coffee or done drugs of any kind so basically… he’s deranged and can’t be trusted. In fact, he films every our of the haunted house, not just for kicks, but to protect himself legally because in the past he’s been sued for things people claimed happened during the haunted house.

So, here’s the real question this Halloween, are you down to give it a go?

Here’s our best shot at the IT haunted house!

It 2 circus pop up in Hollywood!

IT 2 is already a hit at the box office! We got to check out their haunted circus pop-up to see the It Experience for ourselves. 🤡 🎪 …#LATV #It2 #LosAngeles #Pennywise #stephenking #circus #hauntedhouse

Posted by LATV on Tuesday, September 10, 2019



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