spotify app on cell phone
spotify app on cell phone

This AI Bot is Roasting People’s Spotify Wrapped

Artificial Intelligence does a lot of things better than humans do. The last sacred place for humanity’s worth was the arts, and now even AI is replacing your snobby hipster friends. You know, the type who defend the artistic integrity of commercial pop while simultaneously judging you for not knowing the entire history behind Bob Dylan’s discography.

An AI developed from The Pudding got Spotify trending as users began posting the computer’s snarky commentary based on their listening habits. The AI was not holding back either, going as far as prodding participants with a game of f***, marry, kill for their most listened artists. Take a look.

If we were to enter LATV’s info, we’d get results saying we stan Bad Bunny and Selena to an uncomfortable extent, but it would also show concern for our affinity of fringe-popular music with artists like Prayers, and Arca.

Try the program out at the expense of your own cybersecurity and dignity, but do us all a favor and share your results afterwards.



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