do not cross line
do not cross line

Things You Shouldn’t Tolerate In A Relationship

When you are in love, it’s hard to see anything wrong – even though the relationship might be packed with popping red flags.

But there are certain lines that you have to be very clear: if they are crossed, you simply can’t have him back. Think of them as “the lines of no return,” like in the airports.

Below are 3 of those solid lines that should be taken seriously:

  • When he is upset, he calls you names. This one looks like an “innocent” one, where you would think, these are just words. He is just upset, he doesn’t mean it. Oh no, sister, I don’t care if he doesn’t mean it or not. Words are powerful weapons that can hurt you as much as physical punches. They are just harder to take notice of, because they don’t bruise your face, but they certainly bruise your soul.
  • He gets physical. Either by throwing things up in the air or by grabbing you by the arm too hard. He doesn’t need to break your nose or make you bleed for it to be physical abuse. Remember that.
  • He invades your privacy. By going through your phone, your diary, or your stuff. That is a big “no-no”. If you don’t believe me, you should watch “You,” both seasons.  Usually, when someone who you don’t authorize does this, it means he is either a stalker or someone with serious trust issues. None of those are good cases, so stay away from him.

These are more than redflags. They are deal breakers and someone who loves you in a healthy way should never cross any of these lines.



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