These Are the Most Charismatic Villains on TV

When you think of movie villains, you tend to think about unlikeable people; however, that is not always the case. Some of the following villains are so charismatic, they make us root for them. Let’s see who they are:

Teresa Ruiz: She plays Isabella Bautista in “Narcos Mexico season 2. She is a ruthless fictional blend of The Queen of The South and other female narcos in history.

Mehdi Dehbi: He plays the Messiah himself in the controversial Netflix show “Messiah,” where you can’t tell if he is real or a total con artist.

Kate del Castillo: The Mexican actress has been known for playing “la mala” many times, including in the Telemundo drama, “Queen of The South.” Her latest villainous role was in the cops movie, “Bad Boys for Life“.

Verónica Falcón: She played another version of Camila Vargas, aka “The Queen of the South” on USA Network. She was ruthless and yet, you wanted to be her friend (maybe because if you weren’t, she would kill you…)

Penn Badgley: The famous stalker from the show “You” got us hooked from his first “hello”. Even though he is a serial killer and a totally disturbed mentally ill person, he is one of those bad guys who for some reason you don’t want to get caught.

This is because in fact a lot of psychopaths tend to be very charming…until…



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