There are Hz for Your Hurts!

Understanding how our body works, and most importantly how to keep it in balance, is a lifelong journey. But is there a way to gain control of our bodies? How do we tell it to relax and can we get it to calm down at the snap of a finger?

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If we really think about it, everything about our surroundings has the potential to impact us, and this includes music! It’s like listening to sad girl music after a breakup to help you wallow even deeper. But that’s the thing: why would you listen to sad music when you’re already feeling blue? It only makes it worse. So on the flipside, imagine hearing music that is acoustically healing and makes your body feel good.

I’m talking about those specific Hz frequencies that have been tested on our DNA to promote cellular function. That’s right – you don’t always have to hire a therapist, this right here is music therapy. This right here is underground. It’s cellular level. 

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In the 1980’s, Dr. Rein Glen tested the effects that Gregorian chants, Sanskrit chants, classical music, and rock music had on vials of DNA. Basically Dr. Glen tested to see if the various frequencies of these types of music affected a cell’s environment and if it could effect cellular function. What he measured specifically was a cell’s ability to take in UV light.

So get this – Gregorian chants, Sanskrit chants, and classical music all provided environments that made the cell absorb more light. To the contrary, rock music caused a light absorption decrease in cells. Now, I’m not condemning rock music or saying que es cosa del diablo, but if our goal is to calm ourselves down or work on our anxiety and stress, what we listen to directly affects our cells! 

When we think about music therapy there are key Hz frequencies that have been identified to help heal the body. They can be identified as Solfeggio frequencies and you can find this magical Solfeggio menu below.

Hz Frequencies and their effects
Photo courtesy of @DeAndrePage on Instagram

There is constant research being done to further prove the full effects of each frequency but it’s not all mumbo jumbo. 432 Hz has been proven to slow down our heart rate and 528 Hz is now known to increase cell life by 20 percent! The fact that all these discoveries are being popularized means that you can easily log into Youtube or Spotify and find playlists curated by each frequency type. On Youtube, many of these videos provide cool visuals too. 

Screenshot Youtube Hz Frequency Videos

If meditation has been hard for you or you’re more of a musical person, this is a great way to give your body some therapy without having to think about it too much. I’m not saying that if you listen to 174 Hz, all your pain will be removed instantaneously; but, by providing a nurturing environment to your body you can begin to notice and become more aware of how it functions. You can put it on for ten minutes a day, or maybe when you’re about to #popoff. My personal favorite is to put it on as I sleep so I can reap the benefits in the morning. Just allow your body to relax and to be receptive to positivity!

Music therapy is just one way of taking care of your body. Discover “Why People Are Turning to Local Natural Sanctuaries” for more wellness tips!



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