The World’s First 200 Billion Dollar Man is Latino

Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, is now the world’s first $200 billion man. And to be honest, the fact he is also Latino, son of a Cuban immigrant – yet rarely (if ever) references it – bothers me.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shattered the wealth barrier on Wednesday as shares of his online shopping behemoth continued to surge due to skyrocketing demand for online shopping. Shares of the online retail company soared over $3,404 a share for the first time ever. The stock pushed Bezos’s net worth up $5 billion to a massive $202 billion.

Bezos, 56, is now $77.7 billion richer than Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who long held the title of world’s richest man, but who now sits in the No. 2 spot with $124.3 billion. Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg sits in third place with a net worth of $114.7 billion, according to Bloomberg.

Bezos is also now wealthier than all three of the Walton siblings put together, who each hold an equal stake in Walmart, Amazon’s longtime retail nemesis. The Waltons have a combined net worth of $173 billion, according to Bloomberg.

Bezos isn’t the only billionaire who’s made out like a bandit in 2020, despite a pandemic that has shuttered much of the economy and forced a record number of Americans to the unemployment line.

And let’s get back to the Latino angle. Considering Amazon’s negative impact on small businesses, many of which are minority owned companies, and the social strife he causes with his publication, the Washington Post – the formerly objective and serious newspaper that is today more of a slanted, disingenuous tabloid lacking in any and all journalistic integrity (okay I’m being hyperbolic, but as a journalism major it gets to me) – Bezos should consider more direct involvement in philanthropy. Especially when it come to Latinos.

How impactful would it be if Bezos made a point of speaking to Latino inner city youth about his life, his Hispanic heritage, how he made it through the Miami-Dade public school system and excelled? How awesome would it be to see him speak Spanish to immigrant Latino parents, encouraging them to keep their kids in school?

It makes me think. And I’ll have a follow up article delving into the various endeavors Bezos could take on that would greatly benefit his Latino community.



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