The Ultimate Potato Cooking Guide

Got a dull sack of potatoes? Turn that frown upside down because this is your ultimate guide to cooking the most buttery, crispy, heart warming, belly filling, bites of heaven the world has ever seen! 

Potatoes often get a bad rep as the mother-load of starch and gluten, but our bodies actually require carbohydrates for energy . Potatoes will not only keep you full, but they’re also packed with a variety of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin c, potassium, iron, and calcium.  Am I saying that you should indulge and get your micronutrients in? YES – that’s exactly what I’m saying.

The best part is that potatoes can be cooked at any time of the day and in so many different ways that these next few recipes are guaranteed to start some new obsessions.

1. The Morning Potato

Credit: RecipeBox

Hash Browns 

Thinly grated and ever so slightly fried into fluffy warm clouds, hash browns are a must-have for your ultimate breakfast starter pack. Prepped and cooked in under 20 minutes this might just be the key to making the fastest and heartiest breakfast plate of all time. Add some sunny side up eggs on top and call it a classic work of art. 

2. The Deliciously Fried Potato

Credit: Damn Delicious

Tater Tots

Would it be wrong of me to say tater tots are bite sized hash browns? Well, I think they’re even better! These are your top pick for food on the go. Perfect for breakfast or lunch, eat them as a snack, with a burger, or inside your breakfast burrito! Kids love them, adults love them, so let’s make a big batch and eat them all together.

3.The Breakfast for Dinner Potato

Credit: All Recipes

Potato Waffles

This one is simple. The only tool you will need for this recipe is a waffle iron! A potato waffle is the perfect excuse to eat breakfast for dinner. Need I say more?

4. The Loaded Potato

Credit: The Girl on Bloor

Carne Asada Fries

Looking for the obvious recipe for a good time? Carne Asada fries give you a mouthful with every bite. From fresh cilantro to cheesy goodness, you can add any toppings you like. 

5. The Melt In Your Mouth Potato

Credit: Cafe Delites

Mashed Potatoes

Let’s talk about those dreams where food just melts in your mouth and life is beautiful. Mashed potatoes have and always will be a coveted side dish that fills the heart with warmth. This dish right here – this is the one that will feed your soul.

6. The Cheesy Potato

Credit: Simply Delicious

Potatoes Au Gratin

When “creamy cheese sauce” is a must for this dish, can you really go wrong?  More to the likes of a casserole, each spoonful will present you with a thick layer of creamy sliced potatoes. And to all the cheese lovers out there, this recipe includes 3 cheeses folks! Yeah, I said it!

7. The Easy to Cook Potato

Credit: Food Network

Roasted Potatoes

The hardest part about cooking these potatoes is choosing if you want to cut the potatoes in halves or quarters. Toss them with oil and your seasoning of choice and enjoy a glass of wine as you let the oven do the rest.

8. The Snack Potato

Credit: Taste of Home

Potato Chips

Are you a snacker?  Making your own potato chips is much healthier than store bought chips because you get to control how much salt and oil you want on them. Do yourself a solid and prepare some chips for the future. Ration the chips out and you will have a snack every day for the entire week!

9. The Vegan Potato

Credit: Minimalist Baker

Vegan French Potato Salad 

Potatoes are for everyone! What makes this recipe special, is that it’s not only vegan but offers a way of cooking potatoes that isn’t baked, fried, or calorie dense. We are covering ALL palates here with this fresh gluten free vinaigrette-based salad. 

10. The California Potato

Credit: Food.com


This recipe is a bonus! Mojo’s no longer deserve to be California’s best kept secret. A staple at any Shakey’s restaurant, Mojo’s are breaded potatoes most notoriously paired with fried chicken or pizza. If you’ve never had Mojo’s before, try this recipe out! I can guarantee you, there will be no coming back from this one.


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