The TV Network Taking Hispanic Representation Seriously Puts Latino Pride on Primetime

LATV, the longest running Latino owned national bilingual television network has made it their mission to put the stories celebrating Latino pride front and center during primetime. With the announcement of the flagship show American Latino TV coming to LATV primetime, and their breakthrough election season and 2020 Census campaigns, LATV is once again setting the standard for what an inclusive media company should look like in 2020.

For over a decade LATV has represented for bilingual Latinos who have been largely ignored by mainstream Hollywood despite their unmatched buying power. Going into 2020 LATV is prepared to be a civic resource to their community during the election season with their innovative “20Veinte” campaign to drive engagement and voter registration for the coming election. The campaign aimed at celebrating the power, diversity and influence of the Latino community with positive and uplifting messaging will be a welcome alternative in todays polarizing political environment.

In the coming year LATV will also amplify their 2020 Census activation “Existence is Power” which is a multi-layered campaign aimed at engaging the entire Latino community from Gen-Zers to Millennials and Baby Boomers, to participate in the 2020 Census. The campaign will energize Latinos by focusing on the power and influence of our community.

LATV also announced new Latina entrepreneur series Pinkafé, and sport series LATV Fan Nation. Check out the press release for LATV very inclusive 2020 below!

NEW YORKDec. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — American Latino TV will premiere its record 18th season on Monday, December 9th at 8:30PM ET9:00PM PT on LATV Networks. Following a seventeen season run on national syndication, the landmark half-hour series known for profiling the biggest Latino names in music, film and television, the arts, sports, entrepreneurship and social activism, will air exclusively for broadcast on LATV and be hosted by entrepreneur and journalist Carolina Trejos.

American Latino TV‘s legacy of celebrating Latino pride is something LATV executives felt very strongly about featuring in primetime as a direct rebuke to mainstream Hollywood’s continuing struggle with Latino inclusion. American Latino TV on primetime is just one part of LATV’s strategy going into 2020 of providing entertaining, uplifting and empowering in-culture content on broadcast, social media, streaming and digital platforms.

Also premiering on LATV’s primetime in December is LATV Fan Nation. Hosted by influencer and superfan Nour Milla, each episode brings hardcore fans weekly recaps, analysis and commentary from major sports leagues as well as off-pitch interviews with today’s elite athletes from our culture. LATV Fan Nation airs Tuesdays at 8:30PM ET7:00PM PT

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