nurse and patient
nurse and patient

The Troubling Racial Disparity of COVID-19 Deaths

Health and immunity is something we talk about a lot at LATV, such as when we provide tips to protect against the virus. And now, it’s more important than ever, because in major cities across the United States, statistics are showing COVID-19 has hit communities of color particularly hard. Mayor Bill de Blasio released numbers this week that depict an eye-opening breakdown of NYC deaths. More than a third of these deaths have been Hispanic, while 28 percent have been black, 27 percent white, and 7 percent Asian.

“We’re seeing folks who have struggled before really being hit particularly hard by the coronavirus,” he said. “That’s a blatant inequality. We don’t accept it.”

As for a potential reason why, De Blasio says people who have had less access to health care and those who have underlying conditions that didn’t have proper treatment were more vulnerable.

“There’s still the reality that folks with more resources get more health care. Our nation has still not come to grips with the fact that health care is distributed so unevenly, and it all depends on how much money you have,” says de Blasio.

Along with economic disparity and access to quality healthcare between racial groups in the USA, other factors that have led to over-indexing on COVID-19 fatalities among black and brown communities are poor diet and lack of access to quality health foods. Unfortunately, many people of color live in what experts call “food deserts” in which poorer, minority neighborhoods have only fast food and processed ingredients in their vicinity.

Most troubling is that diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and cardiovascular disease are more prominent in the US Hispanic and Black populations. Sadly, those are exactly the kind of underlying conditions that propel the coronavirus from a sickness that feels like the flu to something fatal. As this crisis escalates, it is time for our communities to have a serious discussion about our approach to diet and health.

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