The right stuff poster with a lady from the cast in it
The right stuff poster with a lady from the cast in it

The Right Stuff Season 1 Finale: Cast Speaks Out

From executive producer Leonardo DiCaprio, The Right Stuff will blast off… or away from streaming with their highly anticipated season finale.

Adapted from Tom Wolfe’s book. The Right Stuff season finale is set for Friday, November 20th via Disney Plus. This series covers the men within the mission to explore space. Since October audiences have been captivated by the stories of John Glenn (Patrick J. Adams), Alan Shepard (Jake McDorman, Trudy Cooper (Eloise Mumford), and Jerrie Cobb (Mamie Gummer). Fans have been slowly turning into Nat Geo The Right Stuff 2020 and making sure to add to it to their quarantine queue. We recommend the right stuff!

LATV landed exclusive out of this world interviews with the cast to talk about the behind the scenes gossip and to see what to expect in The Right Stuff season 2, which is getting $13.7 million from Disney+ to move to California for production. The cast spoke out about their characters, the sexy gossip behind the scenes and much more on their interview with The Zoo and Dennis Pastorizo.

The Right Stuff Cast Talks About Hunky Co-Stars


Cast of The Right Stuff Opens Up about Career Sacrifices



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