Chela Demuir and Edwin Millan with host Lianna Carrera and Enrique Sapene
Chela Demuir and Edwin Millan with host Lianna Carrera and Enrique Sapene

The Q Agenda Premieres this fall with AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s Groups FLUX and LOUD

Yass Queens! LATV’s fourth season of The Q Agenda will premiere this Thursday, October 1st to kick off LGBTQ+ history month. The network’s LGBTQIA+ flagship show will premiere with representatives from AIDS Healthcare Foundation affinity groups. Chela Demuir of FLUX, Edwin Millan of LOUD, and Queen Victoria Ortega who had previously appeared on the show. In addition Dominican actor, model, singer-songwriter, and trans activist, Laith Ashley also joins this extra special premiere as a guest.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is the largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care in the United States, and avid supporter of LGBTQ issues through a variety of group partnerships. The interview will touch on pertinent issues such as registering community members to vote and California’s Prop 21. The proposition aim to provide housing stability through local government-issued rent control. This will prevent landlords from raising the rent on long-standing occupants, which will help tenants such as LGBTQ seniors who face an increased risk of illness from COVID-19.

The Q Agenda behind the scenes of taping

Chela Demuir is a trans-activist and the National Vice President of FLUX. FLUX is a national division of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation whose mission is to raise the profile trans and gender non-conforming people through innovative advocacy.

Edwin Millan the Director of Sales Outreach, Community Integration, and serves as National President at LOUD. The Latino Outreach and Understanding Division addresses HIV prevention education and medical care outreach in communities nationwide through innovative marketing and direct action strategy. The episode has already gained worldwide attention from international press including Escandala in Mexico.

Queen Victoria Ortega of Flux and Juliana JoelThe episode will also include a discussion around Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s legacy and how her work affected both the Latinx and LGBTQ communities. Also, actor Laith Ashley of Pose and Mélange joins to discuss his upbringing and his activism for equality.

About The Q Agenda:

The Q Agenda is hosted by a passionate community of Latinx LGBTQ+ personalities and influencers including, actress and trans activist Juliana Joel, comedian Lianna Carrera, celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur Victor Ramos, and actor, host and reality TV personality Enrique Sapene. Each episode will feature special guests from celebrities to influencers and activists for candid and genuine conversations about issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community. The Q Agenda can be seen on LATV and globally through Revry.tv.

Check out FLUX and LOUD from AHF on The Q Agenda right now:




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