girl looking at paintings in museum
girl looking at paintings in museum

The Power of Museums

How can we define museums?

*Personally, I see museums as an environment where you get to travel around the globe in one building, explore your imagination or go through history in a new and maybe unexpected way.

*Defined by a Wikipedia definition: “A museum is an institution that cares for a collection of artifacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific importance. Many public museums make these items available for public viewing through exhibits that may be permanent or temporary.”

Truth be told, no matter the definition or perspective we choose: museums are very powerful as educational tools for every age range. They challenge us, entertain us, expand our viewpoint and give great meaning to our free time if we decide to attend during such.

No matter which museum you decide to visit, there’s so much inspiration in exploring what they arranged for us.

However, all of these facts came to a whole new level when a month ago I became a Tour Guide for the Museum of Tolerance -MOT- here in Los Angeles, California.

And yes… You may be wondering why I used that image?

The interactive image up there is inspired by a famous painting called, “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. A historical painting in the modern art realm…

But the first image I shared is a reenactment… A current approach from a historical piece. And that’s exactly what MOT has taught me with their multimedia exhibitions: to challenge myself and others to think and actually take action for change I want to see in my life.

The power of museums is found when they become interactive institutions that honor the history of what happened, but bring all the focus to our world today, our place in it… and how we can become agents of change to create a new history.

More than wanting to change the world, it’s about changing our life – choosing personal responsibility. If we all exercise the value of taking responsibility even if it’s uncomfortable… things will truly change. If you start, another person feels inspired to start, then another person will also start… and the world starts to change.

So positive, right? But don’t be fooled – the MOT is designed to examine racism and prejudice around the world with a strong focus on the history of the Holocaust. Museums bring up hard to face subjects, but we have to confront them and look at both sides.

Museums preserve the past while also helping people adapt to the present and future. They have transformed themselves as a vital resource for developing new perspectives by planting small seeds through their “art.”

I can only invite you to go to the institution I work in…but more than that…I can encourage you to go to any museum or interactive exhibit with the perspective of expanding your tolerance, your awareness, and your personal responsibility.

Happy Museum Visits!



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