acai bowl
acai bowl

The Perfect Acai Bowl DOES Exist

I’m a militant MF when it comes to my acai bowls. You think making a perfect acai bowl is easy? You think most places got it down? Wrong, and wrong again. Too many places offer acai bowls that are really a fruit salad with a small base of acai mix at the bottom. I’m not looking for large chunks of strawberries, bananas, and any other fruit cocktail a number of establishments use when I order my bowl. I want acai.

So the perfect bowl is at least 75% acai mix. Now, the mix is often acai blended with other fruits, which is fine. But, that blended mix is what I want. And I want a lot of it. For me, a sprinkle of granola on top is more than enough. You don’t need a lot of other fruit chunks distracting from the star of the show. So many places and consumers get it wrong.

A local shop I enjoy is called Pops Hot Dogs. Yes, a hot dog place makes the best acai bowls in Los Angeles. And trust me, I’m an acai aficionado. They do it right because most of the bowl is the acai mix. You can get a few fruits on top, but never do they skimp out on the acai – which should be important to you. It’s important to me. And that’s my talk about acai.




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