The Man Behind the Most Expensive Baseball Card Ever

Dave Oancea is the Latino man behind the most expensive sports card in history. Dave, who is known in gambling circles as “Vegas Dave,” bought a Mike Trout rookie card for $400,000 in 2018 on eBay.

Many folks said Dave was absolutely “crazy” when he bought the card in 2018 on eBay for a whopping $400,000 from a seller based in Taiwan. A gambling legend in his own time, Vegas Dave has achieved record breaking payouts time and time again, and with this auction his $400,000 bet will make him millions.

Some of Dave’s most shocking wins were when he predicted that the Kansas City Royals would win the World Series – just one week into the start of the season. Experts at the same time were predicting the team to finish last in the AL Central division. This proved to be the highest paid future bet in the industry when he turned his $100,000 ticket into a cool $2.5 million. Other future bets, like his preference for UFC fighter Holly Holm over the undefeated Ronda Rousey, were major upsets. He cashed in once again and turned his original $20,000 into a payout of $240,000; setting a record in the world of UFC sports betting and then beating his own record a mere month later.

Today, Dave is an acclaimed sport betting consultant, providing mentorship for clientele from all over the world, and he is the go-to sports information consultant as seen on ESPN, Fox Sports, Yahoo Sports, USA Today, Forbes, and Showtime TV.

“A lot of people had a lot of negative things to say, that I was crazy, you know,” Oancea told Reuters prior to the most recent sale. “‘You could have bought a house,’ ‘You could have bought this and that,’ that I’m stupid and it’s a piece of cardboard.”

The card was released in 2009 when Trout was selected with the No. 25 pick in the 2009 MLB Draft. Since being drafted, the star outfielder has won three American League MVP awards, participated in eight All-Star Games, and won seven Silver Slugger awards.

The Angels center fielder is the consensus pick as baseball’s best player – his three MVP awards, eight All-Star selections and seven Silver Slugger awards surely help build his case. Dave also sold Trout’s autographed rookie card that recently sold for $922,500 at Goldin Auction. This card is going for much more because only one autographed Mike Trout rookie card was included in the 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects Superfractor series. The card is in mint condition, graded by Beckett Grading Service as a Mint 9 with a certified autograph issue logo on the card attesting to the authenticity of the signature.



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