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michael jordan

“The Last Dance” on ESPN – Quarantine Queue

While the NBA is still trying to figure out what to do with the remainder of the season, one of today’s greatest debates among basketball fans rages on: who is the greatest NBA player of all time: Michael Jordan, Lebron James, or Kobe Bryant?

For most people older than 30, the answer is predominantly Jordan. And for those too young to remember the greatness and glory of “Air” Jordan’s championship dynasties, (along with those who would love to be reminded) ESPN has served up a much anticipated docuseries on the last Jordan-led Chicago Bulls championship team – and boy is it informative.

The first two episodes, which aired last weekend and pulled in over six million viewers, focus a lot on Scottie Pippen, the most famous sidekick in the history of sports, and his grossly underpaying contract. The other main plot point was the infighting between the Bulls team and then-general manager Jerry Krause, a man who visually fits his villainous role as a nebbish, troll-like sheriff who famously told Phil Jackson that he “did not care if they won all 82 games, this would be the coach’s and the championship team’s last season together.” It was actually Jackson who famously called the season, “The Last Dance” right before it started.

Of note: several NBA insiders are putting out a rumor that Jordan had been sitting on the documentary for years, but only green lit it after James won his third championship with the Cavaliers in 2017. Apparently, MJ wanted to remind everyone who the real “king” is. One thing is for sure, I’ve got this on my quarantine queue through the rest of the limited series run.

You can watch all eight episodes on ESPN, and later in the year on Netflix.



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