The Fruit Snack Challenge is Taking Over The Internet

The internet has seen a wide variety of “challenges” over the years, which often boil down to friends making fools of themselves and sometimes even harming themselves…(see banana & sprite or fire challenge). Though entertaining as they may be, one hardly feels “good” after watching these insane and often confusing pieces of content. If anything, some faith in humanity itself is lost.

Luckily, the fruit snack challenge has arrived. In this new challenge, parents tempt their young ones by placing the delectable treats in front of them and tell them not to eat the snacks until they return. Sure enough, as soon as the parent is out of the room the temptation proves to be too much for these kids to handle.

Are the parents mean for tempting their kids? 5 year old me says YES.

Is it exploitative? Kind of.

Is it adorable? Absolutely.

Part of what makes this challenge so great is that there are no losers. The kids get fruit snacks either way! Here are some of our favorites…

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