DJ lechero by taco stand
DJ lechero by taco stand

The Food Truck Anthem That You’ll Sing Everytime You Order Tacos

On August 29th, 2019; DJ Lechero blessed us with a song that we never knew we needed.

A song truly encapsulates the bliss that is shoving your carne of choice wedged between a palm-sized, portable carb in your pie hole. An anthem dedicated to the guardians who ride out into night, serving as a bright beacon to attract the inebriated.

Where did it come from? How did they get a parking spot right in front of the bar? Did they know I’m hungry?

What they DO know is you spent way too much on your tab, buying drinks for ladies that you never really had a shot with. Through their gracious charity, they only charge what you probably should have left as a tip.

I’m talking about the late night banger that is, “Cuatro Tacos.”

“Mas” means “more.” Words to live by.

The doctrine DJ Lechero lays out in this hymn speaks to the cultural moment. In a time when IG models and influencer culture only promotes one version of beauty, Lechero champions positive body image for everyone else.

“I’m chubby, but I’m still guapo,” represents the 99% of the human population who don’t consider salads a proper meal. It also coincides with the 99% who consider themselves taco lovers (that 1% who don’t are just racist). I swear, I’m not reading between the lines here.

Even the song’s title is no accident. It’s all part of a divine plan. Let me break it down for you.

One taco is just a tease. Perhaps more cruel than none at all.

Two tacos is the bare minimum.

Three tacos is plain satisfactory.

But FOUR tacos is salvation.

You better believe we’re getting extra guac and 4 different kinds of salsas (even though we might only use 2), because tacos are worth doing right. With beans and rice on the side to ensure complete digestive capacity, you’re ready to push back your brunch plans to simply “lunch with friends.”

All for about 8 bucks. There’s no better deal on Earth.

You may not be able to save you liver from all the tequila and lime juice you slammed moments prior, but you can fix your appetite. Thank god we have DJ Lechero to show us the headlights of our saviors.




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