The Dire Need for Masks Among the Homeless

We were early to the mask conversation; but, before I twist my arm and pat myself on the back for advocating the use of masks in closed environments such as markets and office spaces before it became the popular (and in many cases required) approach, let’s aim the spotlight toward a proponent of masks who is doing much more than advocating.

“Big Mike” Straumietis, founder of Humanity Heroes – an organization focused on aiding the homeless – took it upon his big shoulders to get masks to the folks who definitely need them, but lack access to almost all personal protective equipment…the homeless.

To help stem the tidal wave of COVID-19 in the fragile and already-burdened community of Skid Row in DTLA, Humanity Heroes has donated a total of 17,000 face masks to homeless shelters in Los Angeles – which includes 2,500 face masks being donated to the Hollywood Food Coalition.

“There is such a concern about the easy spread of this virus to people who are living outside,” said Executive Director Sherry Bonanno of Hollywood Food Coalition. “Having these masks and distributing them is hugely helpful.”

I had the opportunity to speak to Big Mike personally for a segment on “The Zoo” – check out what motivates this large and in charge good samaritan:

Handing Out Masks to Homeless | The Zoo

Michael (BigMike) Straumietis and his HUMANITY HEORES Volunteer Team joins Humberto Guida to talk about his campaign to hand out face masks to 11 homeless shelters across Los Angeles and along Skid Row. to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

Posted by LATV on Saturday, May 2, 2020



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