The Boys Season 2 Episode one cast
The Boys Season 2 Episode one cast

The Boys Season 2 is Coming!

Your quarantine is about to get better because this September, The Boys are coming back and they’re stronger than ever!

If you were a fan of the first season, you must be as excited as I am. If you weren’t, I invite you to give it another try.

Let’s do a little recap on how things ended in the first season:

-Homelander finds out his son is alive and that he’s been lied to all this time by his crush, Madelyn Stillwell, so…he kills her with no mercy.

-Homelander takes Butcher to see his wife just for a second and blames him for Stillwell’s death, making him a criminal.

-A-Train tries to kill the Boys while Starlight helps them escape and has a heart attack in the process.

-The Deep is sent to “Deep America” after all the sexual misconduct allegations and he’s not having a great time there…

The season 2 kicks off with the Boys being the most wanted fugitives in the country and are forced to live in the underworld…(literally, they live in the sewers of NY). Hughie is having the hardest time adjusting to this new life, and even though he can’t admit it in front of the group, he misses Annie a lot. And…he’s been in touch with her. They have a secret plot to expose Vought by proving that superheroes are not born, but made in a lab.

Butcher is missing, no one knows his whereabouts (not even The Boys), but he has renewed hope after getting a glimpse of his wife.

In the meantime at Vought’s Enterprises, they are looking for a replacement for Madelyn on the corporate side, and for Translucent on the superhero front. Stormfront gets the gig. She is outspoken – a social media influencer and not a team player. She’s certainly an alpha who has an agenda of her own.

Meanwhile, Starlight must navigate her place in The Seven.  A-Train recovers from his heart attack and now he knows Starlight has been helping Hughie. But Starlight knows that he kills his girlfriend so…they both have something on the other…

As you can see, this is a season jam-packed with juicy goodness you don’t want to miss. Check out our junket with the Boys below:



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