man cutting hair
man cutting hair

The Biggest Threat to the Haircut Industry

Will the barbershop and salon industry be hampered post-pandemic when it turns out half their customers have figured out how to cut their own hair?

During this pandemic I did what I had previously thought was improbable, even impossible: I managed to cut my own hair. It’s something I never thought I’d have to do, but I did it. Strange times call for drastic measures – and few things in my life have made me feel more proud of myself.

Here’s what I used and how I did it.

I had clippers (the buzzy electric ones) which have mainly been used for chest trims and manscaping. I have a bathroom mirror and a handheld mirror. I started safely, by going at my sides and back with a #3 thingie on the clipper. I then took a #2 to the bottom half. I left the top long and did some fadey stuff on the transition area between the sides and crown. What I noticed is that with my right hand, I have the mirror action figured out. My brain can compute the reversal of direction. But when I tried my left side, and with my left hand, it was much harder. Not only because I was using my off hand and a different part of my brain, but also because I was focusing with the opposite eye that I usually use. Anyway, I managed to do it twice since the pandemic began.

So here is my conundrum…will I go back to paying for a haircut every two to three weeks like I had been doing before this pandemic? Hmm, maybe I go for a haircut every month and in between use my new found clipper skills to trim the sides and keep it fresh. Yeah. I think I’ll do that.

Have you tried cutting your own hair? Let us know any tips and tricks in the comments below.



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