one glass with one, another glass broken
one glass with one, another glass broken

Why May 6th Should be an Official Holiday

For those who woke up today feeling like they got hit with a bus and thought, “why the hell am I working?” You’re not alone…

The month of May starts off with some strange Holidays. May 1st is May Day, which is a lovely Spring festivity celebrated by Europeans that has been completely ruined for me by the film Midsommar.

May the 4th is for nerds with bad taste in film (seriously – only two of them can be considered good) and Cinco de Mayo is only celebrated by the state of Puebla and drunk Americans.

Don’t get me wrong, every year I happily raise a glass to the victory over the French colonizers; it’s nice to see others enjoy a small taste of Mexican culture. I say let’s keep that holiday momentum going with a completely necessary day of celebration that has been neglected for far too long – a hangover holiday.

In a world where there’s an international holiday dedicated to every form of alcohol: Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick’s Day, Oktoberfest, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – there isn’t one single day dedicated to hangovers. Where’s the justice in that? I blame the capitalists (looking at you Jeff Bezos) for all these headaches.

May 6th is the perfect opportunity for this much needed day of rest. Perhaps the days after the 4th of July or New Year’s have more legitimacy, but the fact of the matter is the margarita remains the greatest cocktail ever created in the history of human civilization. Considering the frozen margarita was first served near San Diego and the machine was invented by Dallas restaurateur Mariano Martinez, this cross-border concoction belongs to Cinco de Mayo. Therefore, a day of rest is well deserved for the devilishly delicious beverage that brings people together to make poor life choices!

What holidays, real or imaginary, do you think we should add or remove from the collective conscience? Sound off in the comments.



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