Colombian 10 year old Leading on Climate Change

Move over Greta, 10-year-old Colombian Francisco Javier Vera is turning out to be the next young voice to take aim at environmental legislation. And he is doing it in a region that is deeply affected by climate change – South America, where the nearby Amazon rain forest is under threat by deregulation and increased deforestation. Just like Gabriela Leon Gutierrez Coronavirus fighting hero Latina scientist, he’s an accomplished genius making our community proud!

Recently, Francisco addressed the Colombian Congress and gave a passionate speech that impressed many and sent a warning to those who stand in the way of progressive environmental policy.

“Today, I came to represent my group Guardianes por la vida to ask everyone to take consciousness of the damage we’ve caused the environment, you and me, the damage we’ve caused,” He said. “I ask you, as senators of the republic… legislate for our lives. For example, go against fracking campaigns, animal testing, single-use plastic and the mistreatment of animals. We are, in my opinion, unfairly tasked as children to fight for our planet.”

Check him out:




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