Teresa Ruiz Empathizes with Narco Queen Isabella Bautista

At the Narcos junket, I got the chance to sit down with a power house Latina, Teresa Ruiz who plays a very scary woman (Isabella Bautista) who thrives in a world that is dominated primarily by men: the world of drug cartels.

When I asked her if she got inspired by a specific narco female, she said in part yes, but mainly by everyday women. Because sadly, you don’t have to go to that specific niche to find out that women, and especially women of color, have to fight 10 times harder than men to get the same gigs.

In the job force, you alredy know the pay disparity: still 20 per cent less for women in this country. But it’s not only the pay, it’s the ability to express yourself, to come across as credible. I remember when I worked at a talent agency where 80% of the employees were white males, it was a frat club I could simply not join because of my anatomy. If you wanted to get to their level or ahead of them, you had to become a mean person because it was a “tough skin” environment – as if we were still hunters in the prehistoric era. So if you wanted to blend in, you had to prove you were “feelingless.” And that’s why female agents are hard-core. Not because they are psychos, but because they had to go through a lot. It’s exhausting. And if being respected in the corporate world is hard, imagine in the jungle of the cartel world…check it out:


Also, see what the rest of the cast had to say about the new season of Narcos Mexico.

Narcos Mexico Season 2: Time For War




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