Image showing supreme court and a protest sign that says " defend daca"
Image showing supreme court and a protest sign that says " defend daca"

Supreme Court Rules Saving DACA for now

Nearly 800,000 DACA recipients or Dreamers breathed a sigh of relief Thursday morning when the supreme court in a 4-5 decision ruled against the Trump administration’s attempt to shut down the program. This comes only a couple days after the Supreme Court ruling on LGBTQ+ housing and employment discrimination.  The swing vote tipping the balance came from Chief Justice John Roberts. In the decision Roberts wrote that the federal government failed to give an adequate justification for ending DACA.

It’s important to keep in mind this does not make protection for DACA recipients permanent, it’s simply a ruling that the way the administration went about shutting it down was wrong. DACA recipients will continue to exist in limbo until there is some sort of immigration reform or the bipartisan Dream Act is passed in congress. Luckily any attempt to eliminate the Dream act would be met by another legal challenge that would probably carry it’s self out well beyond the next election.

Dreamers who are protected under DACA are encouraged to continue to file for renewals. Here’s a list of resources if you have questions or concerns about DACA or your status.

Check out an interview with undocumented filmmaker Jorge Xolalpa Jr.




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