Stephen Curry Out 3 Months with Broken Hand

Just when you think things couldn’t get worse for the Warriors…

Having already lost superstars Kevin Durant to free agency and Klay Thompson to injury, the Warriors arguably just took their worst blow to reaching the playoffs.

During Wednesday night’s game against the Phoenix Suns, Steph Curry suffered a broken hand when getting tangled with center Aron Baynes. His loss was immediately felt as the Warriors eventually fell to the Suns 121-110. The team announced the following day that the game’s greatest shooter will be out for at least 3 months after his surgery.

Despite the prior two losses (both players and games), there was still room for optimism going into the season. They still had the 2x MVP in Curry primed for another big year, an All Star defender in Draymond green, and newly acquired guard D’Angelo Russell coming off his best season yet with the Nets.

Though there weren’t any sports writers picking them to be a top seed in the west, its surely felt that they’d break in the 6-8 range (outside of the nay-sayers). Now teams struggling to make the playoffs in years past such as the Mavericks, Kings, and even the Zion-less Pelicans are putting pressure on fringe playoff squads.

We’ve seen it since the beginning of Golden State’s dynasty. The western conference is in a perpetual arms race that has teams loading up with talent in the hopes that their competitors eventually form cracks. Curry was gel that held the rock-solid foundation of the Golden State Warriors together, and the only glimmer of hope the team has of reaching the postseason.



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