Barista Lenin Gutirrez Karen
Barista Lenin Gutirrez Karen

Starbucks Karen Demands Half: Time for Karen Royalties?

Karens have taken over the internet, hogged all the views and now they are making a case for getting a chunk of the change. Amber Giles, who tried to publicly shame a barista for refusing to serve her for wearing a mask, demanded her cut of the $100k+ in tips the barista Lenin Gutierrez received. She told local news station KGTV in San Diego that she thinks she deserves half of those tips. She cites discrimination as the reason why she deserves to have her share of the tips.

At the moment, Amber does not have a lawyer to advocate in court for her half of the tips, but considering how much air time these “Karens” are getting, many people are asking themselves if they might be entitled to a little compensation.

On television and film, when actors perform in a movie or TV show, they’re usually entitled to residuals or some sort of compensation for their performances – so it’s no surprise more Karens haven’t come forward to demand better compensation for their performances. Given that different social media platforms such as Tik Tok, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram monetize differently, it would be a logistical nightmare figuring out exactly how much is owed to the Karen in the video. However, they have been such a viral hit, it’s only a matter of time before we see a blockbuster movie franchise with a Karen plotline in a dangerously contagious movie theatre near you.

The Karen phenomenon is clearly growing, and it’s only a matter of time before we see the Karen business model emerge. The only remaining question is, who will be the first (or second after this barista) to get rich off of this trend of screaming and yelling incoherently in public?



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