Stanford’s Coronavirus Test Gives Results in 24 Hours

Stanford University decided on the DIY method to take on the Coronavirus by developing their own test which actually is able to deliver results in as little as 24 hours. The Stanford test comes as a part of the work their clinical virology lab has been doing for years, but it could provide hope and inspiration for other medical schools to be proactive in looking for solutions.

Clinical virologist Benjamin Pinsky, MD, PhD, associate professor of pathology and infectious diseases at the Stanford School of Medicine, and his team in the clinical virology lab began working on this test in late January. They spent February validating and confirming that the test meets the requirements to be useful as a clinical tool.

“The test successfully identified the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in positive samples without cross-reacting with the seasonal coronaviruses or other common respiratory viruses, including influenza,” Pinsky said.

Meanwhile, you can check out the CDC even on social media to stay updated on what you can do to learn more about how to stay vigilant as this situation gets under control.




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